Middle-click to scroll mixer view

Could be wrong but it seems to me that for navigating the mixer view, you only have a very small sliver of the screen (the thin scroll bar at the bottom) to move around with the mouse. When track counts grow to where the mixer view overflows, it becomes very challenging to navigate fluidly and, crucially, without incidentally adjusting faders, which are not undo-able actions.

I think a useful feature would be to allow middle-mouse-button navigation similar to how there is on the transport view. This is the method I have come to use to navigate the transport the most by far, as it offers great precision and intuitiveness.

From what I can tell now, the middle mouse button does nothing on the mixer view, save for adjusting faders. This functionality should be disabled as well (and independently of this feature request) as the primary mouse button already handles this and using the middle mouse button for this action is likely not intentional.

The mixer’s history is segregated from the rest of the project, so you can undo fader moves etc. with Alt-Z

Still agree though, give us an option to disable the mousewheel on faders and knobs please.

Oh snap! Dude you have no idea how much you’ve helped me there lol