Middle line stem directions not obeying Engraving Options

In spite of Engraving Options being set to point all middle-line stems down, my middle-line stems are all pointing up in this file (and some others, for that matter, this is just one example):

Praetorius Wir glauben MS 7-14 - Full score - Flow 1.dorico (658.6 KB)

FWIW, this file is descended from a MusicXML import. Perhaps that has something to do with it? Nevertheless no amount of resetting/unforcing/whatever will remove whatever is forcing these stems to point up. Anybody know what gives?

You’d have to change the instrument type, I think:

(Stem direction)

Ayiiiii—I don’t ever recall that happening to me before in four-plus years of Dorico usage. But maybe I’m just not paying attention—??