Middle mouse drag no longer works as it should

Recently this issue has been fixed by steinberg and thanks for that. Only one thing though, this feature does not work as it should. The problem seems to be nearly fixed, at least on my computer.
This problem is recreated by doing this:

  1. Add instrument track
  2. Draw a midi container
  3. Doubleclick the container, entering key editor
  4. Draw a midinote
  5. Select the midinote, or make shure it is selected
  6. Close the key editor
  7. If you try to middlemouseclick drag the result is very choppy and exacly like the problem was before Steinberg was fixing it.
    Also if i try to middle mouse drag inside groove agent 4 se on a sample the result is the same, very choppy.

Is this happening just on my computer or for everybody else also?
I am on mavericks 10.9.5 and working in Cubase 8.0.10 and also 8.5.0.