Middle screen zones, automatic resize option

When moving and editing midi clip contents, i resize the upper or lower zone very often, so to spare me ( and maybe other users ) some mouse click and drag actions, i’m dreaming about an option, when activated, automatically resize the focused zone.
For example, when the upper zone is focused, it take 2/3 of the window height, and if you change focus to lower zone, the top zone become 1/3 and lower zone 2/3 of the screen height.
Maybe a “%” parameter could be a plus, for assigning focused zone size… if it set to 66% the focused zone will be 2/3 of the screen. Or just a relative size switching when focus change.

Yes… it’s a very good remark and considering that the cursors (on the right of the windows!) are very tight to select with the mouse …

+1 Super annoying to resize the lower zone again an again.

Yes, really frustrating. Why the hell can’t I just move the timeline cursor in the lower zone without everything resizing on the smallest twitch. Has anyone actually bothered testing this in a working situation?

Nice i’ve received support from smart peoples !!! Yes we can guys :smiley: