Midex 8 drivers only for 64 bit Win 7?

I was delighted to see the new drivers for the Midex 8 - but when I’ve tried to download it looks as though it is only for 64 bit operation does anyone know if this is true? Am using WIn 7 32 bit.

Are they needed ? The old drivers could be coaxed to work on W732b

Have not even downloaded or tested the new ones so cannot comment on if they are only 64b…

I’ll try it and see,but it looked like the new drivers say ‘vista,win7 32/64 bit’ in the description but won’t run on a win7 32bit os.I got the last version from the legacy drivers page.

Hey yes they work! Thankyou!

I sold my Midex 2 months ago for $100. It cost me $1000. To say that I am annoyed is putting it mildly. You guys sat on your backsides for years while everyone begged you to release the Midex for GNU and you would not do it. Now you finally put out some drivers which you could obviously have done a long long time ago and everyone is supposed to be happy. That is truly pathetic. I would not own a piece of Steinberg/Yamaha hardware if it was free with a cereal packet.

Well, I happen to be rather happy with my Midex 8, bought it for €65 when the drivers were released so yes, I’m happy.

Steinberg did not do the drivers, they did not have the needed technical info from the OEM manufacturer or the driver source code, one of their employees literally hacked the unit to get a compatible 64bit driver, unusual but in my mind praiseworthy of them to release them at all

They could not release a driver source code they did not own, why is that so difficult to understand? You can only release source code that you own all the right to and this has been explained by Steinberg and others time and time again.

And BTW the Midex has nothing to do with Yamaha, it was released before Yamaha bought Steinberg.