Midex 8 High Sierra or Mojave


can someone confirm midex 8 working an High Sierra (last Version) again?
Would be great…



I’m using 4 MIDEX8 devices in High Sierra, they work perfectly together with the latest 10.9 driver. It’s a little tricky to set it up though. When using just one device, it won’t be much of a trouble. Just connect the MIDEX8 after installing the driver and the MIDEX8 should come up in your Audio/Midi Configuration. When connecting more than one MIDEX8, add them one by one. Connect the first one and give it a name, (A) for instance. Disconnect the MIDEX8. Then connect the second one. If it doesn’t pop up due to Audio/Midi Configuration hanging, just restart OSX and add the second one without connecting (A)! When the second one pops up, rename it to (B) …and so on.
IMPORTANT: Midi Configuration hangs when OSX starts with multiple MIDEX8 devices connected. Disconnect the USB cables before starting High Sierra and connect them one by one after High Sierra has started. I use a USB hub with on/off buttons for that…very easy.
If you only use one MIDEX8 you can probably leave it connected…but that didn’t work reliable for me all the time, so just try that for your own system.

Good luck!

Hi,I’ve just installed mojave and tried to get my midex 8 to work with it.I’ve installed the last unsupported driver for it but it doesn’t show up in cubase as a possible input/output device.
any ideas?
Would really love to get this to work.