Midex 8 with mac os 9.2.2

hello everyone

i recently got a midex 8 for a mac g4 to run an old oasys pci card. when i got the midex (second hand) the seller didn’t have the cd that came with it.

i found the 1.0.0.b4 to b6 drivers (for mac osx) on the legacy hardware ftp server but i haven’t been able to find anything about mac os 9, except really old threads on cubase.net

if anyone could provide me with a link, pm, or something that would be awesome, thanks


Aloha g,
Specifically for what type of OS 9 info are you looking?


is it actually ‘Midex info when using OS 9’
that you are looking for?

I can’t promise and I’ll have to check but I might still have some old
Midex/Cubase/Mac manuals from back-in-da-day.

I could scan some pages and send them.