MIDI 2.0 Compatibility?

I read that the latest VST SDK supports MIDI 2.0. Does Cubase 11 officially support MIDI 2.0 and MIDI 2.0 devices?

Here’s the new features list. Nothing about Midi2. What Midi2 hardware would Cubase even gain features for?

What I want to see is a new CC121-like device from Steinberg but maybe with a few more controls.

Maybe if Midi2 has two way scribble-strip support (I select a track in cubase, and a bunch of knobs are set to automap to whatever I have open)
we might see midi controller automap support get added to cubase some day.


Advanced Audio Export: Save time with new export queues [Pro]
Sampler Track 2: New creative features including slicing, LFOs and legato glide [Pro, Artist, Elements]
Scale Assistant: Follow, quantize and play live to a set scale [Pro, Artist, Elements]
Advanced Key Editor: Create perfect pitch bends and more [Pro, Artist, Elements]
Global Tracks: Stay in sync more easily [Pro]
Frequency 2: Amazingly precise dynamic EQ for better mixing [Pro]
Squasher: Improve leads, tame bass and enhance reverb for EDM [Pro, Artist, Elements]
Score Editor: Workflow improvements and beautiful new fonts [Pro]
New Samples: Six fresh, exclusive sound and loop sets [Pro, Artist, Elements]
SuperVision: Super-flexible, customizable metering [Pro, Artist]
Imager: Multiband stereo placement for perfect panning [Pro, Artist]
MultiTap Delay Surround Support: Delay in up to 5.1 surround sound [Pro]
Windows 10 Variable DPI: More scaling settings [Pro, Artist, Elements]
Cubase Artists/Elements Upgrades: More bang for fewer bucks [Pro, Artist, Elements]
Multiple Side-Chain: Improved input architecture [Pro, Artist, Elements]
Eucon Support: Latest Avid console compatibility [Pro]
VST Connect SE 5: Resizable HiDPI-ready interface for remote recording solutions [Pro]
Workflow and UI Improvements: Refinements to make your working life easier [Pro, Artist]
Apple Metal Acceleration: Enjoy maximum Mac performance [Pro, Artist, Elements]
SpectraLayers One: Remarkable visual editing and audio source separation [Pro, Artist]