MIDI 2.0 update for Nuendo 12?

I’ve been very interested in MIDI 2.0 for a very long time.

I just bought Nuendo 12 like two or three years ago. Whether it was cheap or expensive is kind of subjective, but it was one of the highest prices I ever payed for a software.

Call me naive, but I was actually hoping that the support for MIDI 2.0 would be a free update for Nuendo 12 users. Would you please consider that?

MIDI 2.0 support is a Cubase 13 and Nuendo 13 feature. If there is a final release of Nuendo 12, it will include backported bug fixes only. There will be no new features.

There will likely be a sale on Nuendo 13 updates in the next few months. If MIDI 2.0 support is important to you, update to Nuendo 13.

Would be great if there is a final update for C/N12, for some last minute optimizations that prolong use of the software well into the future without having to upgrade, or else project compatibility with C/N13 completely universal.

Other than that, MIDI 2.0, will be yet another reason to upgrade, as eventually it will hopefully change a lot of how VST3 works, with respect to controllers and automation, for example, automation in the project window is not editable in parts, this could be addressed to make it easier to edit automation curves.