Midi 2.0

Only 37 years later !
When something works it just works.


It’s about friggin time!!! Holy cow. AS for Midi 2.0 being real - I’ll believe it when I see it marketed in several commercial products. How well will this be accepted?

A large number of people could have been born, went to school, and reinvented the midi protocol in 37 years. Shameful that it took so long. I’ve often questioned whether the MMA was/is setup right to be the caretakers of Midi. Any organization that can go for over 3 decades without any tangible results should not be a caretaker of anything.

The MMA would have been more effective if they did the following:

1 - Reconstituted the Board and committees with a diverse group of people representing hardware, software, education, teaching, recording, performing, selling, different geographies, etc…
2 - Listed out, in broad terms, the goal/direction of the standard and directly solicited public feedback.
3 - Posted all feedback / comment letters on a designated website
4 - Developed the standard, taking into consideration public feedback.
5 - Put it out for comment again if needed
6 - Then issue the standard.

Without the right committee makeup and without the public solicitation of feedback, they run the risk of seriously impeding “buy-in” from manufacturers, software companies, consumers, and other stakeholders. This also runs the risk of not developing a standard that is responsive to the needs of the stakeholders.

Hopefully 2.0 will be a success, or we’ll have to wait another 37 years for Midi 3.0.



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All I want to know is if the baud rate will increase. I realize is was smoking fast before but hey. :laughing: