MIDI 2 has landed what’s happening to Cubase?

Hi folks MIDI 2 has been announced and it is much more powerful than MIDI. I wond go through all the benefits but key is bidirectional communication between the daw and the instruments. Apparently these two entities will be able to talk to each other in new ways and keep each other updated. Expressiveness has rocketed to, plus there are profiles for common instruments. For example a B3 Hammond has drawbars and swell pedal and other reasonably universal functions, these can be recognised instantly as a standard profile and all the MIDI settings instantly mapped out and set up. Game changer for sure

What do people know, especially in relation to Cubase?


Steinberg obviously was part of the gremium that defined and agreed on MIDI2. So… what would you expect?

It seems very few notice this but it’s a huge game changer for all future daws and Instruments

Hopefully it transmits faster than 31250 bps, that would help and no stuck notes haha

It does a lot more than that. Firstly max velocity layers go from 128 to 4million. Secondly there are profiles which are kind of Standard settings for all the common instruments. A Hammond for example will have a universal mapping for drawbar, reverb knob etc. That is their will be standard settings for or host of instruments. Thirdly MIDI was one way traffic, MDI2 is send and receive meaning that future synths can Have a live time dialogue with your daw and vica versa. I think one thing will be no more setting up synths, they will just work. Lastly, there will be standard articulations for sounds like violins, instantly accessible. These are the things oI understand and I am a tech clutch. There is much more