Midi activity displayed on transport with CMC devices


I got the AI ​​and the QC module last week. Since then I have a permanent midi-out activity in the display of the transport field. In a constant rhythm. Optical like a metronome: Blink … Blink … Blink :slight_smile:

I hope I could express myself understandably. If I disable the MIDI outputs in “Configure Devices”, then it stops. Does anyone have any advice?

Maybe that’s perfectly normal. What I can not imagine. I have the modules separated from the computer, but that did not help either.
I also use a Mackie MCU Pro as an external controller. That only as info.


That’s normal. The system is basically sending ‘I am here’ to the device periodically. Unfortunately there’s no way to set up filter to hide this.

:wink: … … … :wink: … … … :wink: … … … :astonished:

Yep, and not that uncommon, I have owned several midi devices through the years that used some kind of keep alive signal.