Midi and audio interface for ipad4

Hi all,

Have any of you come across and or use a audio/midi interface that works with ipad4? My searches have led me to products that use the old ipad connector not the new lightening connector.


Roland Duo Capture EX should be available soon, and has two combo jacks, MIDI, and is designed to go to the Apple CCK without the need for a powered hub. Works with AA batteries or AC Adapter on the iPad, or bus-powered on Windows/Mac. Definitely the route I am going.

I am waiting for a support response from Alesis to see it they have a plan to update the io dock. Still waiting though. ,maybe they will get back by tomorrow. It makes an nice neat package

As far as I know a simple adapter will make all of these compatible. I am using an Apogee Mic on my iPad 4 with a Lightning to 30pin adapter.

Think you are right about the adapter… Apple store: Lightning to Camera Kit = £25. Lightning to USB = £15 (unsure if this works as it seems to be the camera kit that is specified for connecting to outboard). This will let you use your iPad4 with outboard gear that has a USB connection.

Also, as the Alesis iO is a unit where the iPad slides into a mount, I don’t think there is space to include a lightning to 30 pin adapter and still have everything fit as expected.