MIDI and Audio issues on Cubase 6.5

I am just beginning to get my head round Cubase 6.5 (yes I am trying to catch up) as we are using it in an education setting.

I am having a number of issues (we have Focusrite Scarlett 8I/8O) and the main concern that I need to address asap is one of using Audio and MIDI

The two main issues are

1 - How do I change the latency? At the mo its about 34ms for recording

2 - Having played MIDI sounds and created a decent dance track my year 7s are trying to rap on top. As we try to record audio the MIDI sound is not audible. When just working with MIDI it is fine.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



  1. Devices > Device Setup. On the left side, click to the name of your ASIO driver (Focusrite Scarlet USB ASIO Driver, or something like this). On the right-side click to the Control Panel. Now it depends on your device.

  2. What MIDI Device do you use? Could you describe your routing, please?