Midi and chord tracks playing through pc speakers everything else is through headphones

I’m likely not set up properly, but when I create a chord track and run it through my MPKmini2 as a midi track the signal plays through the pc speakers, but all other tracks play through headphones out of my fast track duo interface. I want everything play thru my headphones until I mix down. Can anyone help?


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Check your Audio and Midi set-up, it sounds like something is amiss. Without more system information it’s only guess work about what may be happening.

Please go to your Profile and include some basic system information in your “signature.” This will make it easier for users to answer your questions.

This “issues” section of the forum is where users report problems with the program itself.

Have confidence that this will get sorted it. It sounds like a simple problem of basic routing. Good luck.

A screen shot of Studio/Audio Connections/Outputs (and Control Room if you are using it) would be helpful too.