midi and delay

I just got a small midi, oxygen 25, and I am having latency problems with playing while recording, I have tried adjusting the sample rate in the device setup but that does not affect the problem .
could someone point me in the right direction to find an answer, I am just learning the whole system so this may be a stupid question. thanks

Try changing the buffer size (smaller) of your audio card (whatever that may be?)

the lowest the buffer size goes in 10 ms and that is what it is set for. this is on the computer “asio generic lower latency drive setup”
there is also a “directx full duplex setup” .

I am using a lexicon u82s and that latency is set input 7 ms output 32 ms

is this the latency setting you are talking about or is there another one. thanks.

Dont use the generic Asio driver, use the driver that came with your soundcard!.. :smiley:

and you shouldnt have 32m/s output, that is whats throwing you off, you have to first install the latest drivers fo ryou Lexicon, and then use its audio control panel (not windows or within cubase) but the control utility that comes with the lexicon drivers. get you buffer settings on output DOWN!..6-12m/s input & output is fine. :smiley:

thanks that’s a big help. when your new to this its hard to figure out which part controls which. thanks

could not find the control panel for the lexicon, I did find it in the device vst section. I does not have individual control of output and input but fast slow ect. I will try fast which brings the output to 12ms and see what happens . thanks.