Midi and key compatibility


when I transfer Midi files from one document to another they change key when imported to the other project. When I connect the keyboard the notes also sound a whole note lower, and it even appears to be a bit sharper than concert pitch! Is there some Midi setting that changes pitch on the project level?


I could imagine more options, in fact. System Exclusive, Transpose track, Modifiers, MIDI Insert effects, Chord track… Could you attach screenshot of the original project (Project window and MixConsole window). Maybe, we will be able to point something.

I’m guessing that this is referring to VST Instruments, and the destination Cubase project is playing back at a different sample rate. (could be way off the mark there, though :wink: , but that “a-bit-more-than-a semitone” pitch change is totally symptomatic of the difference between 44.1 KHz and 48 Khz)