Midi and UR816-C

I have a problem with midi on Mac OS 10.12.6 with a UR816-c.
the timing is all wrong… midi “stutters” and won’t play properly.
Updated Firmware and tried official 10.12.6 USB driver. Audio is rock solid, but midi timing is all over the place…

I play a chord, and the note ons do not all arrive at the same time.
Ironically its worse on older (Yamaha) keyboards.

Hey, same problem here! I have a ur22-c and am on win 10, timing is all screwed up with my dx7 midi out but works well with my reface cp midi out. mono or hlissando etc is fine but the interface seems to be struggling with more than one noteon/off signal at a time. Have checked with ableton and midiox - noteon and noteoffs are staggered or hang etc if it’s receiving more than 2 notes simultaneously.
Let me know if you find a solution please!

Bizarre isn’t it?

I haven’t found a direct solution although a cheap usb midi interface seems to work ok… but it’s really weird.

The DX7 seems to throw out less info than the modern synths…(running status bytes etc)

Very strange.