Can I create a MIDI track in Cubase 7.5 Artist and send the MIDI output to two VST instruments?

I want the same MIDI to play two different VSTs without having to copy/paste the MIDI etc.

Any advice welcome.


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Aloha d.

Perhaps there is but I have never found a way to do that.

For me, I just duplicate the track and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

Good Luck.

when you “arm” (record button) both midi tracks at the same time you can play them both at the same time, no ?
Same with controlling them.
And there is no need to copy|paste anything.

When you mean you want multiple midi-outs assigned to one midi channel, that is not possible in cubase i think, but also not at all necessary since you can just arm any track you want at all times even during recording which is a much more flexible approach. I guess you are used to the reaper approach. but every daw has its own workflow.

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I don’t know if it’s possible in Artist, but it’s certainly possible in Cubase.

  1. Create the instruments you want to use as VST Instruments in the rack (NOT instrument tracks, as they will not work).
  2. Create the MIDI track you want, with MIDI data on it.
  3. Ensure that MIDI Sends is available in your inspector (right-click on it and tick it, if not)
  4. Turn on Send #1, and set the output (which will start out as “not connected”) to the first VST Instrument
  5. Turn on Send #2, and set the output to the Second VST Instrument.

You should be good to go. You can, of course, send the “usual” output to a VST Instrument as well (or external MIDI or wherever), so you can have up to 5 instruments driven by the one track (original plus 4 sends)

nice one djaychela !
good to be corrected if it is needed.
So this looks like a single midi mastertrack.

question: The source instrument connected on the source midi track is not transmitting though when i use this method.
I have to use one of the sends to reroute it.
What am i missing there ?

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Thanks! Works great. Much appreciated.

Not sure what you mean, can you explain the setup more clearly?