midi app that runs on cubasis clock as a slave in sych?

i would like to use a drum sequencer like Midipattern (or similar app) together with Cubasis , where cubasis sends midi clock and midipattern acts as midi clock slave.
i managed to switch sending clock signal in cubasis (and checked that it is really sending by using the midi monitor app “midi wrench”)
i managed to switch midipattern to “external midi sync” from device “cubasis”.
but :
when cubasis runs (and therefore sends midi clock out) the Midipattern does not start/run by itself.
although on the screen right above it shows “ext clock” an changing manual clock is disabled as expected.
then, when i press the “play” button in midipattern it starts. but obviously runs on it on clock totally out of synch with cubasis.
is there some trick to make it work in synch with cubasis?

Same Problem with “DM1”.

With “boom808” the sync works but unfortunately “boom808” does not send midi out back to cubasis.

is there any midi drum pattern app with a user interface similar to the apps mentioned above, that:

  1. work reliably as a midi slave with cubasis midi clock signal , starts/stops when cubase starts/stops and
  2. sends midi out back to cubasis?

take care

Kind regards

Hi Bodo

I bought DM1 after the recent update that added MIDI support. I have it running with cubasis in the manner you are describing, but the DM1 only starts automatically if you start playback in Cubasis from the very beginning of the song.

The last days i have spend lots of hours figuring out which apps can work on midiclock (as master or as slave) with which other apps and under which circumstances.

first of all, for analysing the issues i used the following apps:
“MTBe” is a free app that is quite good for anlyzing on which internal iOS Mididevices are available, and which device sends midi clock , midi notes or control messages. With the same app you also can send midi notes events to other midi apps or to the “virtual midi” but it can not send midi clock events.
therefore i have found another midi-analyzing app called “midibus” that can generate and send midi clock events to other apps.


  1. Cubasis sending midiclock and midi notes, MTBe receiving : MTBe shows, that indeed Cubasis is sending midi clock and midi notes
  2. Midibus is sending midi clock and MTBe receiving it : again MTBe shows that it is receiving midi clock
    3.Cubasis sending midiclock and App “B-Step lite” is receiving it: works perfect, B-Step lite recognizes also start/stop events and runs perfectly in sync even if i change the clock rate in Cubasis on the fly, also start/stop are in prefect sync
  3. Cubasis sending midi clock an midipatter receiving it: does not work at all.
  4. i tryed several other apps as a slave of Cubasis midi clock and failed. ONLY “B-Step lite” runs on Cubasis without problems.

So why does cubase not work with Midipatterns an othere apps , although midipatterns and other apps runs with the clock from “midibus” ? there seems not straight forward answer.

Then i found an app called “gorge midi router pro” (basically seems similar to the app “Midibridge”, but is cheaper)
in “gorges midi router pro” i configured a connection between the Midi input device called “Gorges Midi Router” and a midi output device with the same same name and no filter rules on none of both input an output devices.
Then i configured in Cubasis to send midi to “Gorge midi” and configured Midipatterns to read clock and midi notes from “gorge midi” and, voila: midipatters starts nearly (but not exactly) in sync with Cubasis start and stops

BUT: midipattern starts about 1/16 of a bar too late (at BPM=110) and , what is even more bad: after another 1/4 of the first bar midipattern obviously ignores then next few midi clock signals for another about 2/4 , but then runs in sync with Cubasis . But , since midipattenrs did obviously miss some of the clock messages of the first bar , it it runs always delayed by about 2/4 of a bar.

May i hint the software developer at SB the app “gorges midi monitor pro” (1,99€) for you to analyze the issues ?

Could it be, that Apple did not specify the use of the iOS midi API precise enough ? Obviously there it to much room for app developers for misinterpreting the use of the Apple-iOS-Midi-APIs, right ?

take care

Hi Bodo, did you find a solution or other midi apps that sync will with Cubasis?

More times than not, many apps and hardware sequencers I’ve had have either doubled my sequencers clock or end up drifting out of sync.

No, I have given up on that subject .