Midi assignments in groove agent presets do not match

So I programmed some drums earlier. A long piece. I decided to try browsing some of the other kits to see how they would sound on this demo, and as soon as I switched to a different preset, the kicks/snares/hats and everything were all assigned to different notes/pads for each preset, basically making all of my programming worthless on other kits unless I want to go rearrange everything manually.

Am I missing something here??? Why would they make it like this. I used to use superior drummer and would just change kits all the time while mixing

yes, generally speaking different presets will place a particular drum sound on different pads from one set to another, with some exceptions,
but i heard that groove agent 5 allows for mixing different sets in one 16 pad arragement,
anyway the workflow you propose of a midi map playing different sounds of the same drum item would be better,