midi automation colour controller lane

Hello, I would like to know why the midi automation does not contain the graduated colors from blue to red as before in the controller lane.
midi automation colour.jpg
Instead of this, now the automation is in a disappointing gray color, which does not reveal any information about the velocity when I’m adjusting the expression curves with the pencil.
midi automation grey.jpg
Thank you, Sigourney

Because you don’t have velocity selected in the Event Colors menu.

Yes i do. Please look at the attachements to see what I’m talking about.

They are too small to see.

I mean this. It can be seen?
Inkedmidi automation grey_LI.jpg
Inkedmidi automation colour_LI.jpg

I don’t know how you’re creating the images, but they are tiny, these are the same as the others. In any case, this is working so it’s likely you need to troubleshoot. Google ‘troubleshoot cubase’ to find the knowlegdge base article.

What I want to say is that in previous versions of Cubase, the controller curves (expression, modulation, etc.) had colors that ranged from blue to red. And now the controller curve is gray.
controller curve colour 1.jpg
Is it possible that the controller curves are not gray but have the range from blue to red they had in old versions of Cubase? Thanks

I don’t ever remember controllers being colored. Only velocity.

Really? Thats weird


Any answer?

Because it is really a disadvantage, aesthetically and also in the workflow.

same question. did you figure this out Sig?

That pic is from SX 1 2 or 3? I guess they removed it at some point in the last 13 years.