Midi automation issues

Hi guys

Quick question , How can i record automation with my midi controller to the automation track and not to the midi track?

Say for example i assign the cut-off on Sylenth to any knob on my MIDI Keyboard (Alesis V49), then if i record the automation, it only shows on the midi track, but not on the automation track, i would like to edit it on the automation track and not on the midi track

Also after assigning the cutoff on sylenth to my controller i can see it moving on the VST whenever i twist the knob on my controller, but if i open that parameter on the automation track it doesnt move, it stays on the same spot. However if i move the cutoff on sylenth with the mouse i can see it moving

I know i can record the automation on the midi track and then go to functions>extract midi automation, and this will put the automation on the automation track, but is there a way to record straight to the atomation track without having to extract the automation?

Thanks in advance!

(sorry for the delay in replying :wink: )
In the MIDI Menu, go to “CC Automation Setup”, and choose “Automation Track” in the field at the top (don’t worry about its rather confusing “Record Destination on conflict (global)” label :wink: ). All further MIDI CC input data will now go to Automation lanes.
If you want to convert existing CC data that is already inside a MIDI Part, go to MIDI Menu>Functions>“Extract MIDI Automation”.