MIDI automation when looping bars, problems.

I have a MIDI track, where I’m using basic controller 7 (volume) to fade the volume of the VSTi in. There is no problem playing back the whole track, but if I loop a few bars after the automation, Cubase sets the controller volume to 0 and I can’t hear the track.

This ONLY happens whilst looping bars whist I work on other areas.

Any thoughts on why this should be happening please?



Did you check if you volume automation, or cc data on the track itself that sets it to 0?

Hi Steve,

Yes, nothing at all,



(a fellow violinist I see?)

Indeed, and likely no less mad :slight_smile:

If you feel like posting the file I can have look at it to figure out what’s up…

Thanks for the offer, 'fraid I can’t due to NDA. I’ll keep looking, else I’ll work around and use vst instrument automation rather than midi.



This behavior was brought up by another member recently.

Used to be an issue years ago, when following controllers, thinking back to the days of the Atari, but haven’t experienced it for a long time.

Post a screenshot of the List Editor for the affected part. We concluded it was something in the event itself but not exactly what.

I have a different automation issue here:

I’m using faded down audio to prep the automation everywhere as a fix.