MIDI before event start

Is there a way to get midi data—notes, cc’s, etc.—whose positions are prior to the start of a MIDI event to play back without changing the size of the event?

Here’s my use case:
Let’s say I record one bar of MIDI drums that I intend to copy-paste a few times. In my MIDI recording, my first note starts just before beat one, because I rushed a little bit. I don’t want to quantize it, because it has a more natural feel the way it is. But in order to get my first note to play back, I have to make the size of my MIDI event larger than one bar in order to encompass this first rushed note.

I want the size of the MIDI event to be exactly the one bar length I had intended to record—even though it is slightly longer than one bar—because it is easier to copy paste that way. Is there a way to accomplish this? My current workaround has been to extend the start of the event to the beginning of the previous bar, giving me a two-bar MIDI event for one bar of data. It’s easier to copy-paste events that are whole bar lengths. But this results in a lot of overlapping events which makes it difficult to quickly identify where events start and end.


I would recommend you to shift the whole song, and start it at bar 2. Not just because of this issue. It’s better in general, because of initialize od some staff at

Shift everything to start at bar 5 except your early midi note.
Then cut your early midi note off so it still starts before the bar.
Copy it onto the end of that first bar & glue so it becomes part of your fist bar.
Then all your other copied bars will have that early midi note in them & you can copy & paste all you want without
having to extend your other parts.
The only extra part is just before bar 5.

I already start all songs at bar 4, and I’m not sure how shifting the song would help with this issue. My problem isn’t with MIDI data beginning before bar one of the song, it’s with MIDI data beginning before its containing MIDI event starts and with keeping the length of MIDI events logical.

If I record MIDI that is 1.01 bars in length due to a rushed first note, I want to be able to easily copy-paste that 1.01 bar MIDI event around in my project without worrying about accidentally misaligning it with the grid.


OK, I got it.

Only data, which start in the MIDI Part, are played thru. So you have to enhance the MIDI Part.

I would recommend to enhance it by logical calue (for example 1 bar).

You need to check out the chase MIDI events in the preferences.

This is not about Chase Events (Btw, this is in Preferences > MIDI).

“Chase Events” is about to send latest MIDI event, which is in the project before the place, where you put the cursor. This makes sure, your MIDI CCs (mainly) are at the correct level, even if you jump to any position. But this MIDI event has to be regulary available (not muted, etc.), which is not the case of the note, which starts beyond the MIDI Part borders.

you can use snap relative and leave the event the way it is.


i remember a long time feature request by me,suntower and others in this forum to have similar function as u need and post here. we wanted some"intelligent" way so midi notes like u described here will be analysed and be recognized as part of midi event on start of event and on ending of events… but doesn’t seems cubase developers focus or intend to develop this kind of real world musicality played unfortunately.

maybe another thing to consider…move the “rushed” note on the beginning of the event(remember where it was positioned) duplicate it as u need, bounce all those events to one midi event and in the midi editor move all the"rushed" notes to its original place.