MIDI behavior

Hi all,

This is an old MIDI behavior that I don’t think is correct. When you load a project, Nuendo (and Cubase) does not send any MIDI controllers status if you don’t have any automation.

For example: you have a MIDI module with son sounds loaded at different volume levels. When you load a project with some volume values, the MIDI module does not receive any volume values.

I think this is a very wrong behavior that should be corrected.

Anyone noticed it?


Yes, this is true. But I wouldn’t know how it should be implemented. The Midi Volume and Pan sliders in the inspector are leftovers from old times and make very little sense in my opinion, you’d better send CC7 or CCxx commands at the song start/first bar/beginning of part. Otherwise, once you change anything at the hardware, you would need to reload the song in order to have the volume settings reactivated, or do this manually.

Since the volume slider is an absolute volume control over hardware, which runs through a mixing console, I would not rely on it. Once you have another mixer setting, everything would be rendered useless…

I’m glad that someone else see this :slight_smile:

The big point with MIDI is that you can do a lot of things in different ways. IMO, Nuendo should be smart enough to deal with all them.

Admittedly, it’s a little bit strange why this volume slider exists if it’s not for total recall. But okay, you will probably record your MIDI devices into Nuendo and mute the MIDI-tracks afterwards, so… not a showstopper :wink:

Well, in this case, I use a lot MIDI with a quite complex orchestral setup thru Vienna Ensemble Pro, so it’s really painful not having total MIDI recall.