MIDI between Cubase and Studio One?

What is the right way to export a complex piano midi track from Cubase to Presonus Studio One so that all the important information will remain and the result will sound as it should? Need that for a project, and some initial tests produced strange results. Some of the simpler chords and notes played just as they should (with NI Akoustik Piano) but all the complex chords were kind of “truncated” i.e. they played in a “staccato” way without any sustain in Studio One.

I don’t know a lot about Studio One, so I can’t tell if this is a MIDI compatibility problem, an issue with Studio One or Cubase, or what.

For clarification: the same VST instrument (NI Akoustik Piano) was used in both environments. On Cubase the song played perfectly (it was recorded using C) but the imported version on Studio One had this weird “staccato” mode on, despite those few “normal” notes and chords. Any settings on either program I should be aware of?

Does this make any sense to anyone out there? :wink: Or should I simply export this piano track in WAV format? Wouldn’t like to do that, since there may well be need for note-level editing…

Thanks for any advice!

This succeeded when I recycled the MIDI data through Ableton Live 8 - and then exported it again as MIDI to Studio One… Complex and annoying. It seems like one has to know many people with many sequencers - or own about all the existing ones in order to overcome these kinds of compatibility challenges… Anyway, problem solved. :confused: