MIDI "bouncing" question.

I am in the process of getting my grips on Cubase 6. I can say I like it very much so far. I already did some light projects with it…

I have a question about the MIDI patterns coming out of arpeggiators like Arpache 5 etc.

I am also using Cakewalk’s Sonar, and in that program it is possible to use the arpeggiator and recording a short piece. After that you have a normal MIDI pattern and when you play it back you hear the arpeggiated notes. Now - if you bounce the original MIDI pattern to a clip you get the arpeggiated pattern (What I mean is that the original MIDI pattern is replaced by the arpeggiated MIDI pattern, just like you where hearing). Very handy, because it is then possible to make small variations in the pattern by editing, to make the result more interesting and less mechanical.

Is something similar possible with Cubase? And if so - how do I do this? I have looked in the manuals, but did not find anything about it. It is fully possible I just missed it, because … well… there is a lot of information and it sometimes gets a bit overwhelming…

Set Left and Right Locators, solo the desired MIDI track(s), then MIDI menu>“Merge MIDI in Loop”, using the option “Include Inserts”.

Cheers, just realised I could use that as well :smiley:

Hey - that’s nice. So it’s far more simple to do than I was thinking it would be. I am enjoying Cubase more and more… :wink:

Thanks a lot! I going to try this as soon as I am behind the “music” computer (within a hour or so).