Midi bug? Cubase 6

Since they wont let me post on Cubase 6 even though Im registered, then I’ll try here. The problem I’m having is when I use my Roland Drum set via midi to cubase, unwanted things are happening. Almost always when I trigger a pad on the drum set, that will trigger other tracks to mute or unmute, solo or unsolo, pause record etc. It’s not the Roland set because I setup a midi track using one of cubases synth plugins, used my keyboard on my computer to trigger and the same problem happens. Am I missing something?

your hardware midi port is also connected to a remote control device input.

Not sure if I understand you correct. My midi cable is connected from my Roland Midi out/thru to the Tascam Midi In. But none of this matters because It does it when I use my computer keyboard to trigger with no midi cable connected also. Anyway I try and do a midi track this happens basically.

Read the manual on Remote control and quick controls…

What Thinkingcap is saying is that you have somehow set up your midi inputs to send midi to Generic Remote for controlling Cubase functions. Since this is clearly not what you are wanting to do, have a look at what generic remote commands are setup and disable them.

Thanks guys. Last night I checked into the quick controls under Device setup. Roland MRC8 was one on the list. So I diconnected the controls and used my keyboard as a trigger. Everything worked like it should. I still need to test my drums out now. Just curious why this Roland MRC8 is even on there if I don’t own one? Does anyone else have this on there?

Tested the drums and they work great now. It was the quick controls.