Hello. Why does my controller (I assume) keep sending random pan messages to Cubase? I’m using an MPK 61 with C7 and I have been since C5 so I know a bit about Cubase automation. I am surely not arming for recording any automation. It happens sometimes during midi recording and even sometimes during playback without me touching the controller at all! When it does I have to stop, move the pan in the mixer back to where it was, open the automation lane to clear any pan info they may have magically appeared, and open the plug in GUI to check the pan there. And sometimes a few minutes later it happens again!!! Several times a session in fact. Very frustrating. Come to think of it I hadn’t had this probably in almost 3 years until I recently “upgraded” from an MPK 49 to an MPK 61. I have even opened the midi monitor to look for any stray pan messages but go figure it didn’t happen while the monitor was open. Why is this thing terrorizing me? Thanks. :blush:

Have you set any of the controller knobs or faders on the MPK to CC#10?

I have an MPK (1st generation) too and some of the controllers on mine send out data too (once in a while).
If your device is still within warranty I would send it back.
If it isn’t, you could try to clean the physical pots and faders yourself with some compressed air (if you aren’t scared of opening the MPK, that is.)

Thanks. The knobs are for sure set for sending CC #10. Hopefully I could keep it that way for recording different filter sweeps and things like that. No warranty left. What have you done with yours? Is it still sending out controller data?

Yep mine is still sending out unwanted data occasionally. I still have to clean them out too. What works for me 9 out of 10 times is rotating the troublesome rotary knob (or fader) a few times until it doesn’t send any data on its own (shown on the display of the MPK). Hope it’s that easy for you too.

Thanks. Will most likely replace the controller with the new Akai Max version. Hoping for a 61 key version though. :unamused: