Midi CC 82 not being thruput or recorded SOLVED

Hi Everyone,

When I send cc 82 commands from my nord c2 (to control leslie speed) the Cubase (7.5.20) MIDI-in activity meter shows it, but not the MIDI-thru activity indicator and it is not recorded. There are no filters in place that I know of, I’ve even allowed SysEx data through; if I insert the cc messages by hand in the piano roll editor it works fine. Other MIDI cc info (foot controller etc) seems to work, though obviously I’ve not tried every single value. Any ideas why this might be? Is there some hidden MIDI filter somewhere?

Any help much appreciated.

I might be if you have any hardware devices installed that interfere somehow.

Just guessing.

Are you using a built in driver for your Nord - or just a generic port?
Could be that driver is filtering these, I don’t know.

I’ve also seen that certain controllers send some messages on a specific midi channel -16.
Like eDrums I have that send foot controller on midi channel 10, dispite any other messages settings where you can select.

If you have checked certain midi channels in you record or thru filter - that might interfere as well filtering out CC82.

Just a few ideas…

I am guessing that your CC#82 is getting “swallowed” by either Track Quick Controls or VST Quick Controls (have a look in the Device Panels setup :wink: )

Track Quick Controls is the culprit! Thanks a million, I would never have thought to look there, in fact I’d never heard of those controls before now.