Midi CC : Always Record Current Values Using Logical Editor


Using the logical editor, I’d like to make a macro that moves both CC1 and CC11 in an increment of +1 and then -1. A small nudge to trigger it’s current value so it gets recorded in the controller lanes.

The goal is the then make a macro that when I hit record, Cubase starts recording and then moves both CC1 & CC11 up and down a single value point so that there curent value gets recorded in the midi or instrument track event without me having to manually wake up the controllers so they get recorded every time.

I want to be able to dial my CC values and then start recording, not the other way around.

Any thoughts or leads?



I can’t see a way, how to make this.

You can make a Logical Editor to transform or insert the MIDI CC1 & CC11 values. But this will always be done based on other (already existing) MIDI data in the track. It cannot be linked to a Key Command.

Thanks for your reply,

There has to be a way to do this. Even if it’s not though Key Commands. I guess I can put it in the feature requests until I find a way.