Midi CC Andvance editing workflow and technique querry

Hello All

Problem: I have a midi part routed to a vsti and the sound has a long release. The MIDI part was recorded as 3 laps of a 16 bar section. The take has a number of different variations while modifying the MIDI CC’s, including different durations ( 1/4 to whole notes ) and timing of the notes. I want to edit the part and have the midi CC information move with the note including the midi CC during the release of the sound AKA after the note off.

Auto select controllers only selects the information for the duration of the note which is not ideal and manually selecting each note and its subsequent CC information is very time consuming. I am hoping to find a better workflow because this is something that I am doing regularly.

I Have tried a couple of strategies. The one that gets me closest is manually moving all the notes so each one exists within one bar and slicing the part then editing the arrangement and editing the CC during the release . I still need to Quantize the events which changes the sound significantly. I have tried quantizing before which still isnt ideal. I am thinking of trying to manually slice each bit because OPTION slice doesnt work due to the timing variations in the part so I cant simply chop on the downbeat as an example.

This sounds like a Logical editor task. Something to the effect of having cubase create a slice on each note on message (as the part is monophonic) Ideally It would be nice if I could have cubase slice a few ticks or ppm in front of the note on message because the start value of the MIDI matters too. Getting cubase Quantize the part length would be a welcome feature also. I have had a look at the logical editor and am still digesting it as its a feature I dont use very often aside from a few presets. Can anyone tell me if this is possible or any other suggestions for accomplishing a better workflow for this type of editing.




I dug into the logcial editor, the project logical editor and the macro functions last evening. It doesn’t seem that achieving what I want is possible with those features or a combination of them. The trouble is, as far as I have digested so far, there doesn’t seem to be a way to for the logical editor to identify the note on and be able to cut at that point. Yes you can find the note position but being able to tell cubase to create a new part at that point seems beyond the scope of the editor.

If anyone has a technique to either overcome that limitation in the logical editor please share.

Perhaps I am actually looking for a new feature: Having the ability to increase the duration of Auto select controllers. A small numeric value beside the toggle that you can set as needed ie 0-400 value box that represents the ticks or perhaps a note value . Anyone else feel that would be a welcome addition? If so I’ll submit it.

Or perhaps something has been implemented in c7 or 8 that aids in this slow editing.