Midi CC Assignments

Hi Guys ,

Please forgive me for the spelling and probably that kind of topic was before , but Im really struggling with this for already a week.

Sooo, I have bought Behringer X Touch Compact, and Im using Cubase5, and the problem is that I have no idea how to assign expressions to my faders, basically I plannig to use it for orchestra recording, I need to have like tremolo in fader1, expression in fader 2, veliocity in fader 3 and so on, I have X touch Editor, and there a 2 options, STANDARD and MC(mackie control) i realized that I cant change nothing in MC, but even I set up as I wanted above
in Editor with Standard mode, when I open Cubase it doesnt respond. Even if some how I will do it, then apparently people have an issue with recording and moving faders on the same time, I mean it doesn record with movment of fader. PLease Is there any one who could tell me and explain how to make it step by step , I can even pay for the solution :slight_smile: Many Thanks

This is a big subject, you need to put all your equipment in your signature so we know what we’re dealing with.

Try some simple things, like set up a track going to a Virtual Instrument. Assign a fader to velocity and record in cubase while moving the fader.

You should see data in list view or key edit view down at the bottom. Get some basic functionality going first.

Hi Tacman,

Thank you, I did as you said but still doesnt work :frowning: I have assigned with Touch Editor, and also with Philharmonic :frowning: any other solution ?

Many THanks

Same solution, you have to get it to work, something is stopping it from working, you have to find out what.

Can you get it to work in Mackie mode?

What version of cubase are you using, full or SE or something?

You have to make sure you’re using the right midi channel.

So if I had a keyboard and I moved the mod wheel it would record on a track in cubase if everything was set up right.

The track has to be pointed to where the keyboard is plugged in (midi port) and they have to be using the same midi channel, track and keyboard.

Usually you have to try lots of different things and get something to work and build from there.

Tacman thank you, everything you explained very nice, but I have one question, normally I create empty new track, then I just add new instrument, and I thought that I should only record on that. And how can I record on midi channel if I can’t add instruments to that channel, or I don’t understand how to do it. Coś whenever I add midi track there is no sound when I press the key on digital piano connected with USB. Also my Behringer is connected by USB.
I think I’m doing something wrong :frowning: