MIDI CC Automation: Replace Recording CCs With Quick Controls Into MIDI Part In Keys Editor?

I would like to know if it is possible to record CC automation data into and existing part using track Quick Controls.

The online manual states:

"Recording in MIDI Editors

You can record MIDI data into the MIDI part that is opened in a MIDI editor.

You have selected Merge or Replace as a MIDI Record Mode.

Click in the MIDI editor so that it gets the focus.
In the MIDI editor toolbar, activate Record in Editor.
Do one of the following to activate recording:

    Click Record on the Transport panel.

    Click Record on the toolbar."

My purpose is to have the MIDI part adjust real time parameters in a hardware synth when the MIDI part plays back.

I set up the recording as described above. While the track in the Keys Editor is rerecording I can adjust the real time parameters and hear the effects of manipulating them. But after I stop record and check in the Keys Editor “Show Used Controllers” only velocity displays. And of course, upon playback of the MIDI part none of the parameter movements are replicated.

Is this a routing issue or is it simply not possible to merge record the CC manipulations of the track Quick Controls?

FWIW, I know that this can be accomplished writing track automation, but I would prefer to be able to bake the CC automation into the part.