Midi CC automation with nodes in Key Editor

I can add midi cc automation in the project window by Write enabling and adding nodes.

Is this not possible in the Key Editor? There I can only see pencil, line etc …

That is perfectly normal (sorry if that is bad news :wink: ).
CC data can be written as Automation data, but only in the Project window (exactly the same as for audio Automation), and in the case where that CC data is present as both automation data and as “regular” CC data inside a MIDI Part, there is a function in MIDI menu>CC Automation Setup, where you can deal with eventual conflicts, either globally or on a per CC basis.
And, while it is easy to convert regular CC data into automation data (MIDI menu>Functions>Extract MIDI Automation), it is a bit more complicated the other way round… you have to use the MIDI function, “Merge MIDI in Loop”.

Not bad news no - just glad to know exactly how it works :slight_smile: Thanks.