Midi CC Controller Event editing

Anyone here got any advice on how I can improve my workflow when editing Midi CC controller events in the controller lanes of the Key Editor window?

I generally record just note on/off data first and then go back and write in CC11 and a few other CC controller events with my mouse. What I’d like to be able to do is roughly write an event with the pencil at a certain point in the controller lane and then be able to adjust the value of the event with a piece of hardware - either AI knob, midi fader, mouse wheel, or even rotary knob. So say if I write an event in with a value of 41 on beat 2 of the bar, and I would like to change that to 45 without moving the event forward or backwards in time.

I currently don’t have anything with an AI knob but would definitely consider getting something if it had this functionality. Like if i could just select a controller event with the mouse (in my right hand) and then move it up or down with my left hand. I find when I grab things and try and move them with the mouse I amn’t very accurate and my hand gets sore over long periods.

Anyone got any advice?

Thanks in advance

Well, the easiest thing would be to select the event, as you are already doing, then scroll its value in the Info Lane, using your mouse’s scrollwheel.

Yeah that’s great. Thanks.

All I have to say that your thread title makes me cringe.

Is there anything less fun?

I’m fully ready to say that working on thin little adjacent bars is clunky and annoying everytime I have the pleasure to do a lot of it. Mouse scroll or not, that little area has not been one of Cubase smoothest zones. 6.5.

Agreed. On all counts.