MIDI CC insert to Expression Maps

With Expression Maps, it is possible to integrate MIDI CC parameters in addition to keyswitches. How can I generate terms (Master Volume, Expression etc) for this and then insert them into the list?

You have to use the actual CC numbers (CC7 and CC11 in your example) and then insert them as “Control Change” in the Expression Map.



There are in the Vienna Synchron Player any MIDI CCs - where I can find them? 1= velocity xf; 5= reverb; 8= timbre adjust; 22= attack; 23= release; 24= filter; 25= Humanize delay scale; 26= Humanize tuning; 27= Humanize amount; 30= Dynamic range. Probably, in the main, I will use the modulation wheel and controller 11 to make the project as lively as possible.

My question was: how to insert in den Expression Map list.

It depends what the MIDI CC controls. If it’s dynamics, there are dedicated options on the right-hand side of the Expression Maps dialog; if it’s for other playing techniques, then you add them as either base or add-on switches, the same way you would handle e.g. a key switch.