midi cc issue

Dear cubase users,

I’m looking for help, have tried but all in vain.

1st issue
CC7 for vol and CC1 modulation is assigned on my controller knobs.
If I move cc1 mod wheel its values gets recorded on cc1 controller lanes.
But when I move the cc7 assigned knob I see cc1 values getting recorded and no change in cc7 values ?

2nd issue
Without using cc11 if I move cc7 up or down I get a gradual increase or decrease in vol.
But as I try to control dynamics using cc11 - I leave cc7 right on the top.
But if I get cc11 half way down from the high its volume is gone. Its not a gradual increase or decrease in vol as I get in cc7.

3rd issue
We have PAN slider above midi audio output fader to carry pan automation and we also have cc10 PAN in controller lanes.
If I select write for midi audio output fader and move the pan slider I can record automation.

But under controller lanes I assigned one knob on my keyboard as cc10 but when I move the knob the values under cc10 don’t change. Can you tell where I’m going wrong?

With the pencil tool I can write pan automation but not with the knob on my keyboard under controller lanes.

4th issue
when i write a cc7 automation using the pencil and then delete the automation to write again
this time when i play the track the volume is gone, so i close the cpr and open it and it works then.
shouldn’t it sound as normal when i delete the automation?

Can you tell where I’m going wrong?



  1. Are you sure, the controller is sending MIDI CC7? Can you double-check it? use for example built in MIDI Monitor Insert in Cubase. Or 3rd party software, like MIDI-OX.

  2. Could you check, which values Cubase receives? Again, use MIDI Monitor, or MIDI-OX. Is this the same for all instruments?

  3. How do you “assign one knob on your keyboard under controller lanes”, please? You have to assign the transmitted MIDI Controller on your hardware keyboard, not in Cubase.

  4. Make sure, you set some meaningful value for MIDI CC7. It seems, the last value is too low (maybe even 0) so you can’t here the sound. Even if you delete the automation of CC7, Cubase remembers the latest CC value.

I see, now I know, why you can’t write the MIDI CC7 (question 2). It is because of your Generic Remote settings. Set MIDI Input port to Not Connected, here.

Hi Martin thanks for replying.
i did as you said- restarted and now i see values moving / recorded on the assigned cc lane.
i assign the knobs on the keyboard MIDI cc thru its template.
then under generic remote i assign- as on the pic i posted - shouldn’t i be using it- generic remote?
Say I keep cc7 at 127 and move cc11 up / down its just volume going up / down same as cc7 – kind of confusion.
And I don’t see any timbral between cc7 and cc11 – its just volume. Am I missing something?
Can you tell whats the default value of cc7/ cc11/ cc10 / cc1 when no automation is carried out.


I would recommend you to not use the Generic Remote Device. I think, for scenario is using classical MIDI CCs better.

Think about CC7 (Volume), like it is a fader on the Mix, and think about CC11 (Expression) as a bow, or the breth of the player. Some instruments can change the color of the sound regarding the Expression (CC11) level.

Default values:
CC1: 0 (no vibrato)
CC7 (Volume): 100
CC10 (Pan): 64 (center)
CC11 (Expression: 127