MIDI CC messages for modulation (CC 1) from external controller not recognised by Cubase 12 pro

My MIDI control messages for modulation (CC 1) from my external controller (master keyboard) are not recognised by Cubase 12 pro in versions 12.0.60 and 12.0.70. Everything works fine on stand alone versions of my vst synths and also within the Cubase 10.5 version I still have on my PC. Has anyone else this problem? Bug in the latest versions of Cubase 12? Thanks in advance for tips on this matter.

I think that if cc1 wasn’t recognised due to an update, there would be pretty many posts around :slight_smile:
Now, maybe you have accidentally mapped your modulation wheel to something using midi remote?


As @m.c mentioned, make sure the MIDI Port is not in use for any other remote device, Mackie Control, Generic Remote Device, Track/VST Quick Controls or MIDI Remote device, please.

Also double-check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter and make sure the MIDI CC(s) is/are not filtered out. By default only SysEx had been enabled for the filter for Thru and Record here.

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