MIDI CC Not Following After Stop

I have a weird issue that I can’t seem to track down how to fix and it seems to be between Cubase Pro and Kontakt, inside of VEPro.

Cubase Pro 10.5.10
VE Pro 7.0.926
Kontak 5.8.1

Kontakt is loaded inside VE Pro as AU on separate computer. Cubase connects to VE Pro instance using VST3.

I record a part in Cubase, which included CC1 (dynamic XFade on Mod Wheel) and CC11 (Expression w/expression pedal) data. For example, I’m recording a Double Bass part in and gradually crescendoing into the note, so CC11 starts from 0 to 90 with the note starting around 80 for CC11. Then CC1 starts on 0 and goes to about 40. This gradually bring the note in.
So I play from the beginning and the note plays back just fine, but I stop when the note is at the loudest for the part (CC11=90 and CC1=40). Then I go back to the beginning and the note starts loud, but then suddenly drops back down and does the crescendo. I have a MIDI Monitor insert on the track and I see the CC1 and CC11 data going back to the correct values. In Kontakt, for this particular example it seems like CC1 is getting stuck at the point I stopped.

To rule out the particular Kontakt library I tried other libraries and same issue.
To rule out VE Pro I tried some PLAY instruments and those seem to work just fine.
I loaded up Logic Pro X and connected to same instance and it seems to work just fine.

In the Cubase Pro preferences I toggle the “Reset on stop” and Controller (in Chase Events) and doesn’t seem to make a difference. I also made sure I had CC1 and CC11 start on 0 from the beginning of the region, but same issue.

I do have Kontakt 6 on my host computer and have some instruments connected directly into Cubase (no VE Pro) and things work okay. I can’t use Kontakt 6 on the slave computer because of older libraries that don’t work in the new version of Kontakt. Although, it appears the issue is with Kontakt in VE Pro.

I also notice if I draw a big up down curve on CC1 lane it’s not transmitting until the note actually starts, when playing back. However, if I just move the mod wheel when Cubase is stopped I can see the data being received in Kontakt. So I’m stumped as to where the problem is.

Any direction is most appreciated.


This is an expected behavior to me. The last MIDI CC 1 value you sent, is 90 (while recording). Then you jump to the beginning. There is no MIDI CC1 written ahead of this MIDI Part (otherwise the last value from the previous MIDI Part would be taken, thanks to the MIDI Chase Event). So even after the jump to the beginning, the last value is still 90. Then you hit playback and the value is 90 until you reach the point where you started with your CC write, so new value is written.

The correct approach is to write/draw the CC value before the Note On.

I did try drawing in the CC data before the note on. I did mention in my post but it was a bit unclear. Sorry about that.


Sorry, I overlooked the last paragraph, you are right, you wrote it.

Was the init MIDI CC in the MIDI Part?

All MIDI CC data is contained in the region. I don’t have initial MIDI CC in regions at the start of my template. I hope that answers your question.


Could you insert MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert, please? Can you see the MIDI CC has been sent out before the Note On?

Yes, MIDI CC is there before note on. I did do that for troubleshooting as well. I guess I forgot to add in my post.


Then I’m sorry, but to me it seems it’s on the Instrument/Library side. It looks like the instrument doesn’t have time to switch to other articulation or to load the proper sample.