Midi CC not recorded using Quick controls

Hi everyone, hope you are doing ok guys. //// RESOLVED, SEE P.S. BELOW ////

I am learning the use of quick controls and the nuances between VST/Track ones.

My issue comes from the fact that I am not able to capture midi CC data in my recordings when activating any of those. E.g. I set-up QC in Device set up for my external midi cc, then everything looks fine and the overall system behaves great! However, I click on record, and no midi CC is captured, although they are sounding live great.

Anyone experienced this in the past? Anything that I may be doing wrong?

Stay safe and many thanks before hand

PS. Resolved by misohoza, thank you!.
There are some posts on similar issue, look for "Quick Controls Not Recording"

This is by design. When a midi cc of a particular midi device is used as quick control it is not passed through. It is used for that quick control. You can still record that as automation.

So instead of recording a midi cc you would be writing automation by moving the knob on your midi device.

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