MIDI CC not recording

I have two users running Nuendo 5.5 on Mac OS X 10.6.8, similar setups on Mac Pro’s with Apogee Symphony 64 cards, lot’s of RAM.

One user (me) has a Roland A-800 Pro keyboard which has an expression pedal input. There are some plugins made by SampleModeling (Mr. Trumpet, Mr. Sax, etc) which require a CC 11 controller - they will not even load if they don’t get a CC11 signal. On my setup the plugins work fine and I can record the CC11 data either as automation data, or MIDI data, depending on how I set CC Automation Data’s global setting in Nuendo.

The other user (my boss), has a keyboard which does not have an expression pedal input, nor any way to output CC 11. So I got him a “StealthPedal” (IK Multimedia). The pedal can be programmed to send CC11, and, using MIDI Monitor, I can see that it is indeed sending CC11 on channel 1. When he loads the plugin, it responds to the CC11 data (by default it’s volume on that plugin). Nuendo will record the data as automation data if the global setting is set to automation data, but will not record the data if the global setting is set to MIDI data (which is what he would prefer in this case). I can’t see why that would be the case. (The MIDI channel is set to accept all MIDI inputs). Any suggestions?

A few basics to check:

Check that no MIDI filtering is going on in the preference panel. Can’t recall where exactly but look through preferences. (Might explain why it’s showing in MIDI monitor but not recording?).

Check the MIDI track is set to receive data from ALL MIDI inputs. Probably a “duh” but worth checking, as automation (I believe) will be recorded regardless of track input so long as it is in “write”.

In MIDI CC setup, is the global setting being over-ridden by a CC11 specific tick box?

Er, can’t think of anything else.

Good Luck

All checked and proper, still couldn’t get CC11 to record as MIDI from the Stealthpedal. I got a Steinberg CMC-QC and assigned CC11 to one of the knobs and it records perfectly (but it’s a knob not a pedal, in my case that’s not a big deal). So the problem is the Stealthpedal. Incidentally I found IKMultimedia’s support to be pretty flakey - last time I checked, you could not even download the pedal’s latest driver from their web site.

Check MIDI -> CC Automation Setup