Midi CC question?

Can I control the mixers volume with my Axiom controller? I set my control slider to midi cc#7 but I was not able to move the mixers fader. Any word or help on this or is this not possible with Cubasis? Midi learn would be nice here so that I can use different midi cc for each volume slider.

I posted a similar question some time back and hoped that this would be fixed in a subsequent release

Hello guys,

No, we don’t support generic MIDI control devices (or MIDI learn).
However, moving sliders assigned to MIDI CC#7 will create a MIDI CC track in the keyeditor with the recorded movements.

Hi crohde,

first, thanks so much for the v.1.8 update; automation is a big deal and the implementation seems very solid and streamlined.

However, I agree that some sort of simple support for using external hardware controllers via a MIDI Learn feature would be great to see. I’ve used an external controller to create automation data for a 3rd party synth being hosted in v.1.8 via IAA. The synth itself had a MIDI learn feature and then I simply recorded the controller data. This worked well enough and I was then able to edit it in Cubasis… although this route means you don’t get access to the ‘reduce’ features for thinning out the data (which are very useful)…

… As a simple (?) workaround to a full-blown MDI Learn function, would it at some stage be possible for the automation slider that appears at the right edge of the Automation window to be set to respond to a specific MIDI CC number? That way - and while you could only write automation one parameter at a time - you could at least enter all your automation data using a single external hardware control set to send on that CC number?

Again… this not not knocking the system as implemented - it’s great to see this functionality - but I’m sure that as soon as you give us users one thing we need, we can think of about 10 more we also want… Sorry :slight_smile:

very best wishes,