Midi CC question

Hi all,

I’d like to sequence the ‘cut off’ of my midi cc synth from a seperate midi track - using the notes of the seperate midi track to determine the ‘cut off’ value.

I discovered the cubase midi effect - ‘note to cc’ which determines ‘cut off’ value depending on velocity. Thats great, however it also sends the note information so you can only modulate ‘cut off’ when your melodic line plays a new note.

Id like to play (melodic) midi notes on the synth track and sequence the ‘cut off’ from the separate midi track (with these notes only affecting ‘cut off’ value and not midi note (melodic) values).

Mayby input transformer or midi logical editor can help ?

Of course i could buy some 3rd party CC sequencer but using cubase built in tools is preferable… and i imagine it should be possible but cant figure it out.

Thanks for any help

You can use the Transformer MIDI plugin:

That worked a treat… thankyou so much

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Unfortunately you can no longer enter this Transformer setting in Cubase 13, I have already opened a thread about it.

Missing functions in the C13-Transformer (MIDI plugin) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

oh ok… thanks for letting me know. I will update at some point but enjoying cubase 12 too much right now