MIDI CC sent after hitting Record

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I am sending midi notes from a clip in cubase to a hardware synthesizer (Korg EMX-1), and upon starting transport playback midi notes are sent correctly, however when I hit record on cubase, a bunch of midi cc’s seem to be sent to the EMX-1, changing drastically the synth parameters, and upon stop, the synth parameters revert to their position prior to hitting the record button.

I tried on the EMX-1 filtering midi data (program change) and it did not solve the issue, however, after filtering Midi CC the synth parameters were not affected. Nonetheless, this does not solve the issue, because by filtering MIDI CC, the EMX-1 can not receive nor transmit MIDI CC.

Do any of you have any clue what MIDI CCs Cubase send after hitting the record button, or what might be causing the problem?

Appreciate your help.

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Perhaps it is your Chase settings in Preferences

Thank you raino. I’ll check that out.

I found what the issue was: sometime ago I had created a Generic Remote in Studio/Studio Setup/Remote Devices, and it had MIDI CCs assigned to Transport Controls (Play, Stop, Rec, etc.)!

Although your suggestion did not solve exactly the issue, somehow it made me think of the Generic Remote Device, and I found the solution over there.

Thank you for you help!

Another way to solve this when using external
Controllers is to check out the Studio Setup menu and, under the device list, check that “In all MIDI” is unchecked for the controller you are using to send transport commands.

Do you know what CC numbers were assigned to the Transport Controls, when you created a Generic Remote ? Is it documented somewhere ? Because I have a problem recording CC19 events from my CLP-785 keyboard. That may be preempted by Generic Remote, or Track Quick Controls, …

Thank you for your help


MIDI CC19 is not predefined for Generic Remote. But it is predefined for the Track Quick Control 4.

Thanks Martin, I deactivated the Track Quick Controls, and CC19s from my Yamaha keyboard are now recorded !
2 remarks :

  • where are the CC used by Cubase documented ? (Track Quick controls 1 to 8 are mapped to CC16 to 23 ? what about other types of quick controls ? and generic remote devices, …). It would be nice to have few lines about it in the loooong Cubase documentation
  • In the recent versions of Clavinova from Yamaha, they have introduced a feature called " Grand Expression modelling", and this generates PolyPressure, CC88 and CC19 events, in a proprietary way. It would be nice that the DAWs, especially Cubase (same company as Yamaha) , did not preempt CCs used by the MIDI keyboards …

And very happy new year, by the way !

Good to know that Alex. Thank you.

Hi Yves, go to Studio/Studio Setup/Remote Devices
Select Track Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls, and you will see their MIDI CC assignments (they are on the Address column).

Thanks Marioisaac. I didn’t make the link between Address and CC#x Midi events ! But now that I know …


In Cubase: Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices > Generic Remote or Track Quick Controls or VST Quick Controls or any other Remote Device.

Yes, by default, but you can customise them freely and easily.

VST Quick Controls are set to 70-77 by default.

By default, Cubase sets the MIDI Input of any Remote Device to Not Connected. So none of the Remote Devices is listening any MIDI input. If user sets the input, it’s expected, he knows, what he is doing and why he is doing it. You were lucky, it worked out of the box for you. Several other users have to map the Quick Controls MIDI CCs regarding to the hardware.

Of course, Cubase cannot reflect all hardwares on the market, even not Yamaha. And actually, from user point of view, it’s great, if it works out of the box, so you just select the MIDI Input port and you don’t have to map anything more.

Martin, thank you for the detailed and quick answer ! Indeed, I had accidentally “activated” the track quick controls in the Track Inspector (I did it when browsing the corresponding chapter in the documentation, finally deciding that I would not be using this feature for now, but I left the button activated). This parameter (activate Track QC) preempts the CCs (default or customized), even if there are no QCs in the slots. Also, it applies not only to the track selected, but to ALL tracks of the project. Not only that, it applies to all tracks of all new projects after that !! Dangerous !
Now that I know I will be careful !