MIDI CC to Control specific Track Quick Controls


I’ve been reworking my Cubase template lately, and I ran into something I’m not sure how to solve.

I currently mapped up some midi cc from my Elektron Octatrack to control Track Quick controls, and it works fine, but only for the selected track.
I can’t seem to figure out how to set it up so my specific midi cc’s for the chosen channel on my midi controller will control the track quick controls of a specific channel?

I’m trying to set it up so my Octatrack can control the track quick controls for my 3 fx sends without having to select the tracks.
Should I go about doing this in a different manner? I really like the track quick controls as they are quick and easy to set up, but having to select the tracks is a bit of a workflow breaker. I’m convinced there’s a great solution for this that I simply don’t know about yet.

Replying to myself, but am I right in assuming that this should be done with a generic remote setup? Seems to be able to work to target a specific tracks controls.