MIDI CC to Quick Control Issue

I posted this problem under Virtual Instruments because I wasn’t sure where to put it:


In essence, is it impossible to route a VST generating MIDI CC to a Quick Control parameter within Nuendo?

I’m trying to control a parameter in another VST which is exposed to automation but doesn’t have any built-in MIDI CC mappings. So the only way I know to control it is to externalize it using a Quick Control.

The only problem with that is that AFAICT it requires external MIDI routing (out -> loopback -> in) which means I can’t do an offline render of the project unless I render the affected tracks before hand.

Is there really no other way to do this in Nuendo?


Ok: thanks to the help of someone over at KVR I managed to control a VST parameter from a MIDI CC using Bidule as a host for the plugin and using the “CC To Params” processor to link the incoming CC to the destination parameter. Don’t forget to enable the Sync from the Bidule Plugin input if your processing is time-based.

Phew! I still think something as useful of this shouldn’t require the use of a sub-host. Steiny should really look into implementing the ability to map a CC from an internal MIDI track to any VST parameter; shouldn’t be hard to do! Not all plugins implement native CC mapping.