midi cc


i’m learning midi cc so pls be gentle.

as we can write a volume, pan, modulation, sustain automation on key editor controller lanes and we also assign slider/ knobs of a controller to control them by mapping them in Generic Remote device.

so why do users say midi cc7 and not midi volume or cc 11 and not say Expression

( confused with this terms )

different functions have different no- why.


There are 128 CCs, some of which have been standardised as part of the General MIDI spec. However, not all synths & manufacturers follow this spec, so it’s a bit hit and miss.

Hi Rita,

Control Change [CC] 7 is synonymous with volume as is CC 11 with expression. I’ve only tried expression a few times and I find it hard to notice any difference.

One reason one might say CC 7 instead of volume is that it instantly identifies a MIDI track volume or MIDI Vst Instrument volume, where as that would not apply to an audio track volume.