MIDI cc1 cc7, midi and VI volumes on C7.5 and touchosc

Hi everybody!

I’ve got some questions to solve and, in addition, maybe somebody could help me a bit understand how CCs work.

I’ve been a self taught cubase user for many years, and work professionally on it. I’ve always found my way to do what I wanted, but now I’d like to understand a bit better because I’m a bit stuck with this.

I cannot make my Ipad control properly my cubase track’s CCs, and also my keyboard is not recording well automation over several ccs.

I’ve never used this, since I’ve always used only midi keyboards for notes, and wrote all the automation in cubase with the pencil.

First, some general thinks I might don’t have well understood.

CC7 is the controller for midi volume on each track, it goes to 0 to 127. Is it true that it’s “attached” to the volume fader of a midi track in cubase, and that when set “off” by default it means cc7=100? cc7=80?. When setting the midi track fader to 0 db, it shows midi data =80.

I’ve also noticed some plugins like kontakt seem to “attach” their volume fader to this. so, by default, kontakt opens with a volume of 0.0db, which you achieve by settung the midi fader to 80, that’s where I got my thought about last paragraph.
But others, like PLAY, won’t do it, so you gat two separate ways of controlling volume, right?

There’s also the expression cc11, which I’ve always associated to an extra “boost” to adjust slightly volumes.

So, first af all, my first concern is that when I automatize, I’m always worried that maybe not everything will sound always the same if I play for example the cue to the middle, where maybe some midi automation is in certain place, and that when I restart the cue, if CCs are not reset to that moment, volumes will be different, and that could also happen in a render. Is there a way to reset all CCs and volumes to the start point automatically?

Second thing, I’ve got a midi controller that has a knob that I can assign from the keyboard what CC affects. Seems to work well, but when I assign cc7, it does write it in the volume automation track, but it shows like behind the “real” automation, which is a line on top of it, a bit thicker. It works, but looks like if there was another “general” master fader for the track, and what I write only affects “in relation” to this, I don’t know if I’m explaining well.

And, to end, I got an IPAD and would like to use it simply to write CC1, CC2 or CC11 automations. I got it to work, cubase recognizes it, I install it as a generic device, it seems to work but it won’t write any data to midi tracks. Also, maybe it’s a stupid question.

I understand I must “connect” every control name to whatever I want to control, but, in the down part, where you choose what to control, I cannot find the CC I want to control. Is it because by default, when I put the midi status as a controller and the value to a certain number, that means it will automatically control that controller number in the track I use? When I put a midi monitor in a midi track it seems to be receiving that, and it will show, for example, automation and the value I amb putting on the ipad, but none of that will get recorded on the track.

Thanks very much for your time and sorry some obvious things I might be pointing out, but just spent many hours trying things and won’t figure out.

Ohh, I’m using windows and MACOSX to try and will have the same issues, so it’s not an OS issue.

Thanks again!

1: Preferences>midi>Never reset chased controllers
2: -> using my remote SL (mixer mode) it writes the automation normally. I tried to recreate your scenario but my my system froze and i lost the (unsaved) set i was working on :frowning:
3: a.See #2 - system froze - I am whimpering in a fetal position right now and unable to face reality.
b.p.s my iodock2 (with sysex) is in delivery and I will be hooking up my ipad again soon. (kinda left live8 when they jumped to 9, broke the browser and didnt feel the need to implement max4live in the 64bit live 8 version(yet?) ) - was waiting for bitwig, but im digging C7 now…=)
4: check quick control settings in the device manager - you need to assign the knob CC’s from your controller to the QCs using learn mode.
5: I might help you later … as for now my status is: See #3a.

edit: pls dear steinbergians, implement a crash recovery feature… lol=)

editedit: off topic - yay, I could at least recover all recorded material(without edits) - made a new set, went to audiopool- infobar says untitledXX-> subtract one folder number and all raw recordings from previous crash session are in that folder on HD=) now if I could only remember the arrangement… lol